Brännmyra is located in close proximity to the Arctic Circle, that is, on the border with the Arctic. Typical of the area of Brännmyra are the dense and imposing forests, through whose tops you can catch a fantastic view of the midnight sun during the 4 weeks of the summer solstice. The mountain Dundret with its height of over 800 meters invites you to admire this natural spectacle.

The holiday home is located in the middle of the reindeer rearing area. The horned animals are hardly bothered by guests and often come up to the terrace with their offspring. Other wild animals such as foxes, moose and sometimes bears can also be seen in the area. At this point we expressly point out once again that dogs are required to be on a leash.

A special spectacle can be caught during clear winter nights:
The northern lights make the sky above Brännmyra glow and create a unique and magical atmosphere.

Freetime activities

Depending on the season and the weather, the area around Brännmyra offers numerous recreational opportunities.

June – September

  • Hiking in the seemingly endless forests
  • Observe the wildlife
  • To go biking
  • Picking mushrooms (August / September)
  • Fishing in the surrounding lakes and rivers *)

From the end of August it will be dark again in the evening. Occasionally, the northern lights can already be seen.

November – April

  • Hiking
  • Ski hiking as soon as there is snow
  • Driving the sledge
  • Fishing trips or ice fishing as soon as possible *)
  • Excursions with sled dogs *)
  • Reindeer feedings *)
  • Rides with reindeer sleigh *)

It is getting dark earlier and earlier and the chance of northern lights is growing day by day. Conditions to see the Northern Lights are good until around March.

*) Such activities can be arranged accordingly. Contact us.